Preferred supplier to over 150 Global Corporations

We work in partnership with our clients to alleviate their recruitment pain points and have consistently recognised and risen to the needs of our clients. As a result we have expanded our specialist areas and teams to support our clients’ current and future needs. Our Engineering, Marketing and Sales divisions are perfect examples of where we have grown our expertise to meet the needs of our clients.

Empiric’s success is a testament to old school recruitment approaches, where knowing the market is key. We capitalise on our proactive and meticulous search methodologies to identify the very best active and non-active candidates within niche and specialist markets. All our clients throughout the specialist practices and across more generic roles, whether they are new client relationships or well established ones, can expect a more proactive headhunting approach to meet their needs, in addition to traditional reactive resourcing methods. Our methodology incorporates extensive market mapping, networking and referral gathering. We draw on our vastly developed existing relationships and networks in order to consistently secure the best candidates for our clients on a contingent basis.

Our specialist candidate networks are amongst the strongest in the industry and we nurture them to allow us to place people who are serving and excelling in precisely the capacity our clients need to fill every time.

We recognise that delivering the highest quality candidates within a short turnaround represents an  immediate benefit to our clients and their business. Our aim is to consistently exceed expectations by adhering to the core principle of maximum gain with minimum fuss.

Our Specialists Recruitment Consultants undergo rigorous training in our in-house search methodology which we believe develops them into Market Leaders in their core fields and enables them to both support clients and outperform competition in delivering profiles to particularly niche roles.

Our in-house Customer Care Team undertakes all compliance checks on behalf of our clients prior to candidates starting on site, giving client’s added peace of mind and reducing recruitment based downtime.

Speak to a specialist to find out about Empiric’s tailored approach for your business.