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Georgie Dunne, Recruitment Year One

Georgina Dunne is a Specialist Recruitment Consultant at Empiric. She joined as a Trainee on Empiric’s Trainee Development Programme in June 2014 after studying Retail Business at Bournemouth University. One year on and Georgina shares her experiences of her to date.

 Choosing a Recruitment Career after Graduating

I worked throughout University to pay for my fees, and leaving without any debt, I knew I had no issue with hard work. My parents who run their own businesses, are a great source of inspiration for me in demonstrating what I can achieve, and this has led to a determination to become successful in my own right. I knew a career in retail would mean a financial ceiling, and for the same dedication and commitment I could quickly earn far more in a job where my return was directly related to my performance, which was exactly what I went in search for.

In pursuit of a role in sales, the vast majority of the jobs that my search returned were in Recruitment. At first I was apprehensive of what my family and friends might think, in their eyes I might not be putting my degree to good use. With so many Recruitment roles advertised, I knew I could secure a position but, I needed to ensure it was the right opportunity. My plan was to focus on applying only to Recruitment firms that met the following criteria: clearly defined progression opportunities, a personal approach and where individuals and relationships matter and, a firm that operated in proven and successful markets. For me, this was Financial Services.

Two weeks after leaving university in 2014, I began interviewing across the city. I was in awe of the suggested OTE’s, the numbers I was seeing were so vast, the prospect of being able to earn enough to independently sustain myself in London whilst saving to get on the property ladder was really compelling . At no point did I feel at all cynical, I genuinely thought I could achieve these figures. After meeting Consultants at Empiric who like me had come from no experience to become top billers within 2-5 years, I realised that I too could be that person. There was a very definite difference in the interview process to that of other agencies. It was more personal, the people more friendly and genuinely interested. I found it refreshing to be able to show my potential outside of the usual standard interview questions I had already encountered. In June 2014, I officially became a Trainee Recruiter.

What it’s like to work in Recruitment

I work with some of the most vibrant, inspiring and driven people. We have fun, but we work hard. Most recruiters will tell you they work long hours and that is par for the course. The real hard work is managing the highs and lows along the way.

In recruitment, you are the intermediary of so many tangibles, all of which you need to try and have control over. You can finish the week with a strong pipeline of which 50% you feel confident will result in placement, but come Monday, that could all be up in the air. There are days where offers fall through, candidates are counter offered, budgets and therefore roles are pulled or you struggle to generate new business. It’s frustrating and disappointing to lose a placement. The disappointment is there also for my candidates and clients when they don’t secure the role or the candidate that they ideally want. Sometimes it feels like people don’t want to take your calls, and the phone is glued to your ear just trying to get through to someone.

Something as small as one phone call can completely change your outlook on the day. You can receive a small piece of intel in relation to a large project, and you are not only able to call and secure candidates who are the perfect fit, but you feel you are working ahead of the curve and beating your competitors. A candidate you thought wasn’t going to accept an offer has a change of circumstance, or you headhunt a candidate and just manage to get their mobile number, how can something so small feel so significant? Before you know it you are back on cloud nine! You learn to spread your risk and keep all of the plates spinning, so that if one falls, it hurts less!

Advice for Aspiring Recruiters

Recruitment is not at all what I thought it would be, it has far exceeded my expectations.

My advice to anyone thinking about joining recruitment would be around your work ethic. I believe your commitment to hard work will propel you a long way! I often think “goals” and “SMART Objectives” are buzz words used for those who find it hard to define their own personal strategy. Without question, they have a place, but when you step away from the jargon, you will know yourself where you need to go and what you need to achieve to get there. While academics play a part, it is about being commercial, astute and personable with a constant focus. If this sounds like you, then Recruitment should be a strong consideration for you.

Achievements & Future Ambitions

Empiric has a very robust and progressive training program, which has been tried and tested over the years by many of those that now form our leadership team. One of my proudest moments has been entering the program as a Rookie, and progressing to a Consultant within 4 months. Just 3 months later, I progressed to become a Senior Consultant and I am currently one of the top billers for 2015. My aim is to accomplish Top 5 Billers status this year.

There is a wealth of opportunity ahead for me with Empiric.  I have the option to continue as a Billing Consultant, or in time, to become an Empiric Leader, with the objective of establishing my own team. I want to continue being a mentor to other Trainees in my team and be involved in hiring new Trainees. As Empiric grows and looks to enter into new geographical locations and markets, I will be a part of this. For now, my main focus is on my market both in London and Europe, and becoming a very established Billing Consultant.


About Empiric

Empiric is an award winning Specialist Recruitment firm. Along with Wildcat Resource and Lifestar, Empiric is part of the Tourstan companies serving a global client base in Banking and Financial Services, IT, Energy Markets and Life Sciences.

Empiric excels in developing Trainee Level Recruiters to become industry Top billers. We are currently expanding our teams in London, Glasgow and Singapore through our Trainee Development Programme and School Leavers Development Programme. Please contact us at to find out more.