Ryan Brown


T: +44 (0) 0203 675 7772 | E: ryan.brown@empiric.com |M: 07402 048 248 


Ryan is a cross-market global recruitment specialist focusing predominantly in the supply of Developers and Architects – .Net and SharePoint professionals across mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

Ryan has initiated global partnerships with worldwide consultancies, blue-chip product development organisations and financial services organisations based in Europe. Recruiting individuals from Development Heads/Leads, Architects, Developers with .Net and SharePoint expertise. We cover a wide variation of roles and responsibilities that often include cutting-edge open-source development tools and programming languages.

Being a specialist in the methodology of Recruitment means that Ryan has the ability to map out niche markets quickly and efficiently, identify the best talent to suit the painful needs of clients adding value where others cannot deliver.

Since joining Empiric in March 2015, Ryan passion for his work and success is evident from reaching important career milestones and high achievement awards. When he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his family – the real important people in his life.