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45% of Tech Firms Unlikely to Recruit a Transgender Person

Published 26/06/2018

45% of Tech Firms Unlikely to Recruit a Transgender Person

Research published this month by Crossland Employment Solicitors has shown that 45% of tech firms are unlikely to hire a transgender person. The only industry worse is the retail sector at 47%. Across all industries, a third of businesses within the UK indicated that they would be less likely to hire a transgender person. 74% of businesses believe that have never hired a transgender person.

93% of tech firms surveyed do not have any transgender specific HR policies in place to protect their rights, and of all responders only 3% have sufficient procedures in place to support workers who wish to disclose their transgender status.

The lack of empathy towards the transgender community is creating a hostile environment where many trans people are hiding their true selves at work. Despite The Equality Act being almost 10 years old, the lack of knowledge surrounding transgender rights is alarming with 77% of responders getting transgender legislation questions incorrect

What is also concerning is the attitude towards transgender workers. The recent survey revealed that just 8% of those polled believed that trans gender professionals should have the same hiring equal rights as everyone else and when the lack of procedures in place to protect a trans person’s rights is taken into consideration, this has created a hostile, transphobic environment. 

Change is needed. Firms have the responsibility to ensure that they have an open environment which is inclusive of all people’s sexuality and that their legal rights are incorporated into the values of the business. Based on this survey, Tech firms in particular have a long way to go and need to introduce initiatives that will reduce the perceived prejudices of the industry towards trans gender people.

As a Stonewall Diversity Champion, Empiric is proactive in improving the rights of the LGBTIQA community within the technology and recruitment sectors. We work closely with businesses to ensure that job seekers from all backgrounds will want to work for them by ensuring that policies are in place that promote an inclusive working environment.


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