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Technology is the future. Equality is the future. Let's make equality in technology part of our future! 

Are you in Year 10 or 11 and looking for meaningful work experience?

The tech revolution is underway, with robots, self-driving cars and virtual reality making their way into our everyday lives. By becoming a Next Tech Girl, you can get first-hand experience in the jobs that are shaping our futures and find out whether you want to be part of the bigger picture. 

We work with companies like Vodafone, Comic Relief, Expedia and more to give you a true taste of tech in an authentic environment. From app building to AI, you can experience a crash course in tech in a number of different areas to help you decide if it's a career path for you. Who knows what passions you might discover!

To hear about our work experience programmes email or call 0203 597 4466

"My favourite thing about my work experience was seeing the outcome of the project we had completed - it was an incredibly proud moment!"

Ameena, Year 10 Expedia

"The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming. I learned about the variety of careers in technology, which broadened my knowledge."

Marjana, Year 11 Vodafone

"I learned about the different tags used when making a website, how to create buttons for websites using code, how to build hyperlinks using code and more about coding websites."

Hannah, Year 12 Softwire

Next Tech Girl placement, 2018

"I’ve always had an interest in technology, studying Product Design & Computer Science at school and being part of a computing club. I wanted to see what it would be like to work at a tech company in the real world and luckily my computer science teacher knew about Next Tech Girls so connected me with them and we talked about the different opportunities for me to engage in tech and learn new skills outside school.

"NTG set up a number of tech work placements for me, starting with Wayra where I got involved with healthcare app, Baobab Circle, sitting in on meetings and analysing data on diabetic people in Kenya, which was really fulfilling as I felt like I was doing something to help people. Next, I went to Tata Consultancy Services where I worked with lots of students, learning about the positive/negative impact of AI, and how the structure of websites and apps affects user experience. We did a presentation in groups on how to structure a supermarket website. 

"This pushed me to be more creative and expressive and I felt very supported in my group. On the last day, we had an awards ceremony where I won a gift card and a drone, which was amazing! My final placement was with Vodafone where we did coding and web development, learning a lot about the different coding languages. We designed websites using software called Atom and GitHub and at the end we presented them to a panel of judges, which was scary but exciting.

"Next Tech Girls were supportive along the whole way and people on the work placements were great, involving me in lots of different things so I could learn as much as possible. Overall, I had a wonderful time and it was very eye-opening, showing me that a career in tech is definitely something I want to pursue. I've since been accepted to Ada National Digital College where I will continue my studies and gain more technical skills in apprenticeships." 


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