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Ellie King


"My success has been helped by being surrounded by my friends"

Working for Empiric has been my most rewarding job both financially and personally. Through my hard work and drive I got promoted after a year and I’m on course to be promoted again this year. My personal success has been helped by being surrounded by my friends which has created a friendly and supportive team spirit. We all feed off the positive energy in the office which helps us strive to better ourselves and raise our game.

One of the most valuable things I have found is the support available. From easy access to senior management - they sit with us not in their own rooms, help from high performers and cross team support, this really made me feel valued and part of the team. The trust and autonomy that they promote has allowed me to run my desk the way I want which has helped me to exceed my targets year on year. 

"Hard work and drive helped get me promoted"

One thing that attracted me to Empiric two years ago is that Empiric is an advocate of gender equality within business and they practice what they preach. I feel respected and my views count and they also run a number of events which promotes women empowerment and greater inclusion. 

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