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Matt Herselman


"Empiric has helped me realise what I can achieve"

Success emulates success and since working at Empiric I have seen a change in my own self believe in what I can achieve. Everyone pushes it and it’s good to be around and compete against high performers making for friendly competition, but at the same time people are genuinely pleased for you when you hit your target.

I was one of the top billers in 2017 and I got to go on the all-expense paid ski trip which was excellent. I also hit multiple targets to join the high achievers lunches at 5* restaurants, STK was my favourite.

Hard work and success is rewarded

Empiric recognises and rewards success and I got promoted after a year, and when I hit my numbers this year I will get promoted again to Principal Consultant. The best thing about working for Empiric is the positive atmosphere that they have created in getting everyone to support each other in achieving their targets.

They give you the tools and the trust you to run and develop your own desk, and support and guidance from experienced consultants as well as the MD being easily approachable. I can now support the new starters and this has created a strong team bond that has made Empiric a fun and positive place to work.

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