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Working at Empiric is like joining a large family. We have created a collaborative and supportive environment where we celebrate each other's wins and help each other achieve our goals. The rapid growth we have made over the last few years and our growth plans for the future opens up a lot of reward and opportunity for all employees. We work hard but you will also be well rewarded for your hard work. 

“I want my employees to be happy and, more importantly, to join Empiric’s journey and to grow with Empiric. One of the ways I can make sure that this happens is by supporting them in practical ways as they strike a balance between their work life and their personal life”
Sam Kamyar, MD & Co-Founder


Progress your career with Empiric

What you get when you join Empiric

Supporting your life's choices

Industry-Leading Maternity & Paternity Benefits

  • Empiric offers up to 6 months maternity and adoption leave at full pay for the primary care-giver, available to heterosexual and same sex couples plus 18 months remote working when returning to work.
  • 2 weeks paternity leave at full pay with flexible working thereafter.


Private Medical With Optional Cover For Family 

We offer the Vitality Health scheme, which includes health care cover, monthly Cineworld tickets, Champneys Spa Days and much more.


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